Technique Specifications
Voltage input range 120Vac~240Vac Protection of short circuit Available
Rating input current 8.9~4.4A Protection of open circuit Available
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz Protection of ignition failure Available
Power factor ≥0.95 Protection of end of lamp life Available
THD ≤10% Weight 2.4 kg
Rating power 1000 W Max. Lamp distance from ballast 15m
Efficiency 96% (Max) Operating temperature range -20℃~+40℃
Dimming No Dimming Max case temperature (TC) 85℃
Current crest factor: ≤1.5 Safety and regulation: IEC61347
Output frequency : ≥30KHz Dimension (L * W * H): 333*110*68mm
Product Speciality Mounting Drawing
●Bright aluminium alloy case with perfect thermal efficiency
●Internally double protected by conformal coating and cooling colloid that ensures ballast work well in various environment
●Compliant to most HPS lamp brands such as GE, OSRAM,PHILIPS, BLV etc
●Low noise, stable lumen output, no flicker, and multiple self-protection functions
●High efficiency that saves more than 30%
1、 Please read the instruction carefully prior to operating the ballast.
2、 The ballast cannot ignite a hot HPS lamp. After cooling 2-3mins the lamp could be automatically reignited.
3、 The 1000W electronic ballast is designed for Philips, Osram, GE, BLV etc all High Pressure Sodium lamp types which rated power is 1000W, such as Philips SON1000WGES.
4、 No flicker with full and any range of power output.
5、 Protection of short:
① Output terminals short before starting: Pin<10W, action hour<5 seconds
② Output terminals short while starting: Pin<10W, action hour<5 seconds
③ Output terminals short while working: Pin<10W, action hour<5 seconds
6、 Protection of open:
① Output terminal open before starting: Pin<10W, action hour<5 seconds
② Output terminals open while starting: Pin<10W, action hour<5 seconds
③ Output terminals open while working: Pin<10W, action hour<5 seconds
7、 Hour from self-protection to automatic re-start: <3 minutes
8、 Insulation resistance: resistance between input and cabinet≥100MΩ under 500 Vdc test.
1、 The ignition voltage of the ballast is possible up to 4KV. It might be dangerous for people and equipments around. Please pay attention and keep other electric devices away from the ballast when it’s operating.
2、 The ballast must not be installed or operated in circumstances of explosive, flammable gas or liquid.
3、 Please ensure that output terminals are at least 5KV rated.
4、 At least 1cm distance between LIVE and GND line to avoid short.
5、 Output terminals can not contact cabinet to avoid short.
6、 Ballast cabinet and fixture should be grounding.
7、 When removing the outer isolation of a cable, insert an extra isolation layer in its place.
8、 To ensure ventilation and raise cooling efficiency, please mount the ballast vertically.