1.Project performance-Installation and Running
A.Design of project – details and integration of technology
B.Greenhouse Series
• Glass greenhouse
• Polycarbonate sheet greenhouse
• Soar greenhouse
• Sunlight greenhouse
• Light dep greenhouse
C.Greenhouse complementary system
• Ventilation System
• Cooling System
• Shading System
• Bench System
• Heating System
• Light Growing System
• CO2 Generator
• Circulation fan system
• Control System
• Irrigation System
D.Greenhouse Pipe & Fitting
• Galvanized Steel Round Pipe
• Galvanized Hollow Section Pipe
• Galvanized Ellipse Pipe
• Gutter
• Pipe Fitting
E.Greenhouse Aluminum Profile
• Aluminum profile for glass greenhouse
• Top ventilation system
• Side ventilation system
• Other aluminum profile
F.Writing tenders and submitting to suppliers
G.Decision on suppliers
H.Time from order to port (production of equipment)
• installation guide(The customer installation follows our engineers)
• Responsible for the installation(Our installation team installs for the customer£©
K.Planting / growing / processing
2.Consulting and Guiding (ongoing)
A.Agronomic guidance
B.Growing expert guidance
D.Storage, packing and delivery